1. Just curious if you’ve considered this scenario: according to Revelation 8, verses 2 to 6, none of the trumpets begin to sound until the seventh seal. In verse 5 of the passage, we see voices/thunderings/lightnings [proceeding from The Throne of God, Rev. 4:5] and an earthquake. This is echoed in ch 11:19 as occurring during the seventh trumpet [Christ Returns, the saints with Him THEN], now adding great hail. These altogether are found in the 16:18 to 21 passage as during the seventh vial.

    I concur that the trumpets and vials are replicas of each other. Meant to happen in tandem, read together to see the wrath, but that wrath doesnt start until at earliest the return of Christ the Son of Man. This is seen in during the seventh seal, which I believe is detailing how the millenial kingdom is set up. Post wrath, the millennium begins is my current understanding.

    Following your youtube channel for a few months now, but these things I’ve only been contemplating with God in Spirit for a month or so now. I hope you find time for a response about this idea, either in email or video format. Cheers.

    1. The seals being opened does not mean the events themselves happening but rather the information contained within each seal is revealed by Jesus after His death, burial and resurrection: only then could whosoever will become a Christian and only then could the information contained within the seals be understood by those who are supposed to understand it.

      This is why you see in Revelation 5 that only Christ (after His death, burial and resurrection) can loose the seven seals in the minds of those meant to understand and then, starting in chapter 6, He opens the seals one after the other and they’re opened to the reader on an individual basis (God willing).

      ‘Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures’ -Luke 24:45 (notice this was after His death, burial and resurrection which is why He is seen as ‘a Lamb as it had been slain’ in Revelation 5)

      The wrath doesn’t come into it until the 7th trumpet but it comes upon those who were deceived by the 6 trumpets of deception which are the same as the first 6 plagues.

      The 7th seal gives you the timing of Christ’s return at the 7th trumpet and the 7th vial because He returns immediately after the ‘half an hour’ (two and a half months) written of in the 7th seal and that’s when He will tread the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

      You will also find that word ‘wrath’ in the seventh vial.

      Thanks for watching.

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