The Book of Jeremiah Part 3

Episode 127:
Are You Fighting Against God’s Plan Of Salvation?
Episode 128:
He That Killeth With The Sword Must Be Killed With The Sword
Episode 129:
Put Up Again Thy Sword Into His Place
Episode 130:
The Temptation Of The First Half Hour
Episode 131:
The Restoration
Episode 132:
How To Stand Against Satan’s One World Religious System
Episode 133:
The Return of Melchizedek
Episode 134:
Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is, There Is Liberty
Episode 135:
Rise Of The Generation Of Vipers
Episode 136:
Keeping Up With The Kenites
Episode 137:
The Changing Of The Guard
Episode 138:
Every One That Is Proud In Heart Is An Abomination To The Lord
Episode 139:
The Final Siege Of Jerusalem

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