1. “I” think this is all a hoax to scare and isolate people into submission. Started with animals? caused by animals so the Chinese quit killing dogs and cats to eat, BUT they created a virus to be spread?? Obama Swine flu caused more deaths and the news wasnt reported .. NO PANIC! Panic LIKE THIS IS and pure HATE from people that hate Trump and want to see him fail?
    A covering for whats really happening? Like… seems all is lost and no where to turn,, and all of a sudden there appears a “person” coming in and promising everyone peace and “he” will take care of everything for us (?)
    and that so called “saving” person is non other than Satan.
    THOUGHTS?? Its coming up May… 5 month period?

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    1. The one world political system has to come into being and then be wounded to death before satan appears as the antichrist so it seems like you’re jumping the gun with your speculation.

      Before the one world political system (the NEW World Order) even comes into being the great horn of the he goat (probably the UN) has to be broken as we know from Daniel 8:8.


  2. Hello, I’m Nate and I have had a book for years that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. It’s called “The Shadows of Power; The Council on Foreign Relations And The American Decline” by James Perloff. Could you tell me how the CFR fits into the plans for the NWO?


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