1.  I need help answering a question for someone please. I see in Genesis 1:26 that mankind was created (all races) there is no article or particle written in the Hebrew so therefore we know Genesis 1:26 is talking about mankind as a whole (all races) but why does Genesis 1:27 in the Hebrew have the article and particle (eth-ha-adham) that denotes a particular (single man)?
    I know it has that in Genesis 2:7 but why is it written like that in Genesis 1:27 if it is talking about all races. GOD bless my sister in CHRIST. Keep doing what you’re doing.


    1. Because it’s looking forward to Christ who would come from eth ha Adam who would be formed after the seventh day. It’s past tense according to the time of the writing because the subject is the creation of mankind; both the 6th day creation and the creation of Adam and Eve after the seventh day. You see the same type of thing in Genesis 5 and it’s there to distinguish between the adamic race and the 6th day races.


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