2 thoughts on “THE TREES OF EDEN

  1. can you specify on the beheading in rev 20? I was wondering if that is yet still future for America? I hear talk about gillotines in the united states and it seems to me that it would be right to defend ourselves against such evil killers and I would think that our military and others would fight back….can you give me any of your thoughts on this? and I know that satan is the antichrist to come. can you email me back about this?please,….teddybear.30975@yahoo.com


    1. The word “beheaded” in Revelation 20 means “cut off with an axe”. Not the same Greek word used when John was beheaded so it doesn’t have to be literal there. Those are two groups written of in Revelation 20:4, those who were killed literally throughout the centuries and those who will be “killed” figuratively (delivered up to “death” which is one of Satan’s names).

      Those Christ brings with Him upon His return at The Seventh Trumpet are the Zadok (in part) who, along those of the Zadok who are alive and remain at the Seventh Trumpet will live and reign with Christ a thousand years.

      Revelation 9:5 is how you know Satan and his angels won’t be killing anybody physically, only spiritually. The only exception is when Satan kills the two witnesses 3 and a half days before The True Christ returns.


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