1. Somehow I was trying to look into the 42 months in Revelation. May it have something to do with the final preparations for the building of the third temple Jerusalem? After they have collected stones to build it back in the 1990s, now they seemed to start in earnest to train rabbis to take positions in that temple starting after Passover 2013, I am not sure when they started to do the priests garments and breastplates. Thank you for your work that we know the final destroying locust is 5 months.

    God bless you and your work.

    Love, your sister in Christ, Ginny Ho


    1. I believe it’s two 2 and a half month periods. The first 3 stages will happen in the first 2 and a half months and the consumer stage begins at the 6th trumpet when Satan appears. It’s all broken down in BIBLICALRESEARCHLABS Timeline of the Locust Army on YouTube. Thanks.


  2. They won’t build a temple but an alter. This is the signet of Zerrubabel. I’m having trouble grasping the reduction to five months due to the two witnesses and the Torah Keeping hebrew Christians fleeing into the wilderness for forty-two months. Could you please introduce me to your aspect of these scriptures and the reduction of years. Also, to my understanding of the scripture “if the days weren’t shortened for the elect”. To my understanding the elect is the bride in which I believe is the 144k. The maidens would be the gentiles. How could the messiah marry a gentile bride if he sits upon the throne as the judge and keeps the Torah forever ( Psalms 119 says he keeps it forever). Thanks in advance.


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