3 thoughts on “THE KENITE FILES The Grand Chessboard of The Illuminati Part 2

  1. I hope you will answer my question. I just read THE 7 SEGALS OF THE APOCALPSE and I don’t see where the two witnesses come in (rev 10) and how do you fit 42 mths into 5 months? Looking forward to your help. Ty.


    1. 42 months translates over to 2 and a half months. In Daniel 9:27 we learn that Satan confirms the covenant for one week of years. That 7 years has been shortened to 5 months. Satan appears as Antichrist in the middle of that 5 month long Hour of Temptation. For information on the 2 witnesses, check out the Book of Revelation videos on the MARK13RECORDS YouTube channel. There is also a video on there called Timeline of the Two Witnesses. May our Father bless you in your studies of His Word in Jesus Christ’s Name.


      1. Ty. I will certainly check out revelation regarding the 2 witnesses, I guess I still don’t understand How it translates into 2 1/2 months.


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